About UVW

UVW wants to provide you with quality tableware that will make every meal extra special. Part of our promise to you is that we will ensure our range of tableware is great value for money, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty and feel of superior table ware. To achieve this, we only operate an online store so there are fewer overheads to pass onto you, the customer. This way, you get an exceptional quality product, for a great price.

While the quality of the product is important, UVW takes special measures to ensure the condition of our ceramics are perfect when they arrive on your doorstep. Every order that leaves our warehouse is hand packed and checked by us so that every plate is perfect, every cup is consistent, and every tea set intact. We use reliable shipping methods to ensure the ceramics arrive to you in premium quality.

That is our promise to you. Quality table ware, unique stylish designs, reaching you in excellent condition.

UVW is the exclusive distributor of TATA Ceramics in New Zealand and we are proud to be able to bring you the legacy and heritage of fine ceramics to NZ.

About TATA Ceramics

TATA was founded in 1868 and provides a range of quality products. Their ceramics range is the premier collection of beautiful, elite tableware. UVW is the exclusive providers for TATA ceramics in New Zealand.

Quality is of utmost importance for Tata Ceramics, and their range is durable and long-wearing. The brand has worked hard to develop a product which exceeds existing standards and sets the bar high for table ware.

The creations are lightweight, durable, and beautiful. With a range that stems from modern, colourful designs, through to classic vintage and 1920’s inspired pieces, we are sure that you will find something you love.

The ceramics are beautiful and precious for special occasions, but hard wearing and tough enough for everyday use. Our products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that the product is of the best quality. Our dinner sets are dishwasher safe for 500+ washes to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Plates and bowls are x4 less likely to sustain edge chipping than standard ceramic ware, and x9 less likely to be chipped internally when stacked. Our products also do not mark with normal cutlery use. This makes our dinner sets resistant to scratches, able to take the knocks of life.

Over 40% of the ceramic is bone ash imported from the UK, giving the products the lightness, durability, and consistency that you enjoy. There are no lead or cadmium deposits in the ceramics, making them safe for you and your family.

Arguably, the most important thing about the table ware is the colour of the ceramic. The milky white finish is designed to create the perfect background for food. You eat with your eyes, so let the chef be an artist and create beautiful food, on a beautiful setting.

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